When young children don’t get what they want, some of them will typically throw a fit as a result. And apparently dogs get just as frustrated sometimes, as was the case with a Husky named Jackson who was bummed out over his big sister not wanting to play with him. The video of the dog was shared on TikTok by @huskyjackson, and even though he’s so disappointed, it’s hard not to laugh out loud at the way he’s having a tantrum just like a little kid not getting their way. 

The clip currently has over one million views and counting, and it’s captioned with, “Throwing a tantrum cause his 16-year-old sister doesn’t wanna play. You’ll hear Jackson’s mom trying to explain to him that his sister, Bobo, just isn’t into playing right now. 

@huskyjackson He’s such an attention wh0r3 #husky #dogsoftiktok #dogs ♬ original sound – The Jackson Family

Aww. Poor Jackson just wants to play with his best friend and his worn out sister, Bobo, just wants to be left alone to have a nap! His protest after she said, “You have to leave Bobo alone” was just too funny, though! Plenty of people were quick to comment on how he’s so upset, he resorted to biting the rug. One commenter, @D C mentioned, “You’re going to need a new rug soon.” If Jackson reacts this way on the regular, she probably will need to replace it.

Jackson currently has over one million followers on TikTok, and this is just one of many videos his mom has shared of his daily antics. Here’s another gem, in which he’s seen digging at the couch because he’s jealous of his parents’ flirting.

Is this cute guy a total drama king, or what? One thing’s for sure: Jackson sure has quite a huge personality, so something tells us there’s never a dull moment in his household! 

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