Meet Bubbles and George, two unlikely animal companions that show that friendship truly transcends difference. Bubbles, affectionate and as smart as a six year-old child, was orphaned when her parents were killed by poachers. Although Bubbles had been raised around other dogs in her previous 40 years, she was especially captivated by George, an lively orphaned black lab puppy, who shared her affinity for endlessly frolicking in the water.

Boundlessly paddling in the intercoastal waters of Myrtle Beach, their friendship quickly developed and bloomed with each passing day. Despite their size difference, with Bubbles tipping the scales at over 9,000 pounds, the unlikely animal companions cooperatively maneuver the open waters to play their own extraordinary game.

The friends self-developed trick begins with Bubbles lowering her massive head to allow George to climb atop. Raising her head, she allows George to triumphantly leap off, tennis ball in tow, only to repeat the game until they are both satisfied. Although both animals faced considerable challenges early in life, it goes to show that sometimes all you need is a friend. What do you think about their unique companionship?