A dog raced to the rescue after his friend got entangled in a terrifying street fight with a huge eagle.

The concerning footage, shot in Alaska, US, showed a giant eagle pouncing on a reservation dog, pinning him down by the throat.

That was at least until the dog’s pal came to save him, warning the bird to back off during the ferocious scrap.

The viral footage has been viewed nearly 5million times on TikTok with thousands rushing to comment after last month’s incident.

After the dog saved his friend, the eagle didn’t immediately fly away but instead looked around and stared into the distance.

@coastal_907 #Eagle trying to take down a #RezDog. Pinned him by the throat! Little did he know Rez dogs have eachothers back. #Alaska ♬ original sound – Johon EchoHawk Atkin

One TikTok user commented: “I’m sorry if that’s my dog im going to help idc how big or what it is.”

A second added: “I like the way the eagle stood there afterwards, and not fly away POWER TO THE EAGLE.”

While a third said: “Omg I would be running out there so fast.”

In Alaska, there are two types of eagles – the Golden Eagle and the Bald Eagle.

Bald Eagles have a denser population in Alaska than they do in any other state in America, according to Wild Bird World.

There is estimated to be about 30,000 of these birds in Alaska.

Their wingspan can reach an impressive 7.5 feet, and they can be identified by the white plumage on their head, Newsweek reports.

Juvenile Bald Eagles, meanwhile, are often mistaken for Golden Eagles because their signature white plumage does not appear until at least four years of age.

Worryingly, it’s not the only incident featuring a Bald Eagle and a dog this year.

In British Columbia, Canada, a dog was snatched by the bird from the street.

And last year, Bald Eagles killed over 50 lambs on a farm in Idaho, while a bird was also seen stealing a shark from a stunned fisherman.