A polar bear left ‘shaking’ due to severe hunger has been saved from the brink of death.

The cub had desperately walked to the settlement of Dikson, in Siberia’s Arctic, to seek help from humans.

The polar bear, named Monetochka, had a tin of condensed milk stuck in her mouth – making it impossible to eat or drink.

What’s more, the sharp edge of the tin was cutting into her skin.

Villagers in Dikson tried to remove the object but were unable to and instead contacted authorities.

Vets from Moscow Zoo battled against brutal Arctic weather conditions to reach the helpless bear just in time.

Heart-warming video has captured the moment Monetochka, who is just two years old, was saved by the heroic group.

They sedated the animal then used pliers to prise the tin from her mouth.

Mikhail Alshinetsky, chief vet of Moscow Zoo, said: ‘It’s a bear cub, female, about two years old.

‘The tin got stuck and its lid clamped down on the tongue.

‘The animal spent a few days with a tongue stuck, and the tongue became swollen.

‘The bear was unable to drink or eat.

‘We successfully sedated her, removed the tin, and gave antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications.’

The group of vets had flown 2,125 miles to reach the region.

After her rescue, the emaciated Monetochka was put in a cage and flown by helicopter some 50 miles into the tundra.

Vets prepared 50kg of fish to aid the young bear’s recovery in the wild.

The polar bear had been found by the group around 1.9 miles from Dikson airport.

The settlement – population 676 – is one of the world’s most northerly settlements, named after Swedish explorer Baron Oscar Dickson.

Nornickel – a major Russian nickel and palladium mining and smelting company – funded the rescue and provided the transport.

Monetochka probably found the tin can at a rubbish dump while scavenging for food.