A group of friends got a huge fright when they realised they had acquired an unwanted addition to their group – a six-and-a-half-foot alligator.

Adelisa, 22, and some mates hired an Airbnb on Lake Livingstone in Texas, USA.

They had plans to spend a day on the lake so they checked with the Airbnb owner whether it was safe to get into the water.

The owner told them alligators were physically unable to get into the lake because of its edges.

Adelisa said: ‘I asked the neighbour of the place we stayed in if he knew alligators were there and he had a worried look on his face and shook his head and said “no”.’

Satisfied with these answers, the group enjoyed a day of boating, swimming, paddleboarding and sunbathing.

They had been enjoying themselves for more than seven hours when Adelisa and some others decided to make an Instagram reel on the porch.

‘Instead I saw something in a shape of log, then it disappeared. I knew it was an alligator immediately after!’

The alligator spent some time ‘cruising around near their dock’ and then left.

Adelisa believes the edges of the lake only make it difficult for alligators to get out and have no effect on them getting in.

US alligators are usually found in freshwater – in rivers, swamps, marshes and lakes.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department estimates there are around 400,000 to 500,000 alligators in the state.

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