It’s as if the animal was trying to thank him.

TikTok user @justbeingchivalrous is really fulfilling his account name after an unexpected turn of events happened. He was out in the woods with his dog one day when his dog spotted something. The next thing he knew, his dog was running. Turns out the dog was chasing a raccoon. So that’s when Mr. Chivalrous knew it was time to step in. 

He explained in one of his TikToks that he had to stop his dog from chasing the raccoon. Thankfully he did because he actually saved the raccoon. But what happened after the successful rescue was not in our playbook at all. Even with this video, we still can’t believe this happened!  

@justbeingchivalrous Saved this Racoon from my dog chasing him. 🦝 #racoon #racoonsoftiktok ♬ original sound – Michael Wayne Ledbetter

Aww! We don’t know what we were expecting, but it was definitely not this! The raccoon was actually snuggling with him. The poor critter was probably so thankful for being saved and just needed someone to comfort her. This TikToker is a hero in our books or better yet, we agree with @shearmadness169 who said, “You are clearly a Disney princess.” A real-life princess living out our dream!

“AWHH😭🖤 animals know when they can trust someone!! She may be in shock as well! Give her rest and pls make sure to wash your hands after petting,” suggested @ToriPeebs.” Yes, 100%. We think anyone or anything getting chased by a dog would be scared. So snuggle with this cutie for as long as she needs. And also, how could you get up from that? We’d be in heaven! 

You might be wondering, what should happen next with the raccoon? Well, TikTokers seem to have an idea on that. “If you name him, you get to keep him 😂 I don’t make the rules,” wrote @Tracy Rice TreehouseJoint. No, it’s true, those are the rules! LOL! @GoodAsshole added, “Now you’ve got two dogs.” And we wouldn’t worry about his dog chasing after the raccoon again. They’ll be besties in no time!