One woman’s routine trip to the grocery store took a turn when she found a slithering snake in her shopping cart. Kimberly Slaughter was at her local supermarket in Lunenburg County, Virginia, casually getting herself a bag of popcorn when she saw mouse feces in the bag.

“I was like, I’m not getting that bag,” Slaughter told a local news outlet. “So I put it on the bottom shelf because there was already mouse poop covering the bottom shelves.”

Upon further inspection, she noticed rodent traps on the bottom shelf. When she went to grab another bag of popcorn, she saw it had a small hole in it in the top right corner.

When Slaughter went to put the bag in her cart to take up to the front to alert the store clerks, she saw something she never expected.

“The thing had popped out, and you know, I was like, oh, well, hi!” Slaughter said about discovering a snake taking up residence in the popcorn bag.

As she described, once she brought the cart up to the front of the store, the snake exited the bag, slithered around, and made its way back to the inside of the popcorn bag.

See photos of the snake here:

Virginia woman nearly introduced the snake to her newborn

“It was the full length of the cart,” Slaughter said, who believes she came face-to-face with a rat snake. “It had prime real estate, though.”

Slaughter, who is also a mom to a newborn baby, told outlets she was horrified when she thought about what would have happened if the snake had gotten home with her.

“I have a baby, and he is just starting to walk,” Slaughter said, relieved she caught the serpent friend before she got home with it. “So imagine if he was a little bit older, or if my niece had gone and been like, ‘hey, I want some popcorn,’ and grabbed that bag and it bit her. It’s not safe. It’s not healthy.”

The manager of the grocery store, Brian Stanley, said the store is investigating the incident.

“We have no idea where it came from,” Stanley said about the snake. “We are investigating and trying to find out where it came from, but we have no other indication that there could be any others.”

Across the world, one woman had a similar experience when she discovered a snake’s head in an airline meal.

Recently, a Turkish flight attendant was horrified after finding a snakehead in their in-flight meal. Viewers can see the culinary nightmare unfold in a video going viral on the internet.

The incident reportedly happened on July 21 on a flight from Turkey to Germany. When the flight attendant began digging into her meal, then, after a few bites, she discovered a serpent rearing its head in the dish.