It’s no secret that bald eagles are some of the most fierce birds to roam the skies.

Hell, why else would they be the national bird of the United States, a unifying symbol of strength, freedom and courage.

These majestic creatures perfectly exemplify the 50 stars and 13 bars, by God.

With that being said, I’ve seen a countless number of videos of the majestic birds taking down prey with ease, and that even includes them flying off with house pets (a few of those house pets got lucky, like the pet goose who was saved by its topless owner who was breastfeeding her baby).

Needless to say, the bald eagle wins more than it loses, and the only predator who I’ve seen it struggle against is a mama bear, going to every extent to feed her cubs.

However, this video from Vancouver Island, British Columbia, has changed my mind… and it’s from an animal that you’d least expect.

We’re talking about an octopus, who basically made this bald eagle its b*tch.

Now, I have no clue how the bird got into the tentacles of the octopus, maybe it was trying to snatch up a fish, or the octopus itself, but it definitely found itself on the wrong end of a losing battle.

All I know is that the bald eagle narrowly escaped a brutal fate at the hands (or tentacles) of the octopus. And by narrowly escaped, I mean it had to pretty much be rescued by these dudes in a boat.

Of course, octopus are some of the most intelligent creatures to roam the ocean, so maybe this video isn’t quite as surprising as it may seem.

Check it out: