“Pumpkin is an orange kitten in a litter of kittens that was rescued and fostered by a family. Pumpkin was diagnosed as a mild case of cerebellar hypoplasia in his growth. Despite having some difficulties in his coordination and depth perception, he never lets it be the hindrance for his adventuring and his life.” Via BazPaws. 

The walk on the sand was fine, but the wind was another story that he didn’t like. We are so glad that this adorable little guy has a family that loves him oh so dearly. Pumpkin is definitely is not a fan of the wind, when the wind begins to touch his little face his immediate reaction is amazing. He’s makes the same face as babies and small children do when they try a bite of lemon for the first time. An interesting surprise. When this cat meowed, that was the moment he captured our hearts. Pumpkin, keep living life to the fullest and enjoy your loving furever home!