A family are hoping to really cash in after their chicken laid a ‘one in a billion’ spherical egg.

Annabel Mulcahy woke on Saturday to find Twinksie had produced something round that the mum and her children were not expecting.

The pet chicken, named by one of the owner’s daughters, left them amazed – and they turned to google to find out some answers.

The family from Brize Norton, Oxfordshire, quickly discovered a round egg is very rare indeed.

Some have even fetched almost £500 when put up on online auction website eBay and they now want to raise some money themselves.

Twinksie’s good turn could help save some more chickens (
Image: Annabel Mulcahy / SWNS)

Mrs Mulcahy, who has kept chickens for the last 20 years and even rescued a number of the animals, says should couldn’t believe what she found.

She says the egg rolls like a marble on their table.

“On Saturday morning, I opened the nesting box and it was there, a perfect circle,” she told the Oxford Mail.

“I was Googling it and was quoted that it’s a one in a billion, it’s really weird.

“I’ve put the egg for sale on eBay, some have gone for prices like £480 in the past – what I get will go towards getting an extra run so I can rescue more chickens.”

They made the rare find on Saturday and quickly took the egg inside ( Image: Annabel Mulcahy / SWNS)

The parents says her family love to look after the animals because they are so friendly.

Twinskie has been nicknamed “Labrador” by the children because she loves to follow them around the garden.

Back in 2020, four college students went viral after finding a rare spherical egg.

It was even dubbed the “saviour of 2020” online after they came very close to eating the egg for breakfast.

“I was going to make scrambled eggs one morning, and I opened up the carton of eggs and there was a perfectly spherical egg,” Kenyon College student Konrad Christian said.

“I almost used it for scrambled eggs. But I was like, ‘You know what, I’m going to wait a second and show my friends’.

“We came across this article that said it was one in a billion, and that’s when we decided to start making TikToks.”