Wedding days are nothing short of spectacular. You’re surrounded by your closest friends and family. Smiles, laughter, special dances and a whole lot of love is circling around. A

nd for everyone who has gone through their wedding day, you can probably pick out one moment in particular that stands out from the rest. For some it might be the first dance or first look, others might’ve loved exchanging vows. If we could guess, we’d say for this couple, the surprise guest was their favorite part of the day.

The wedding ceremony had already begun, and the bride and groom were holding hands together at the altar. As words were being exchanged with each other, something unusual made its way down the aisle, out of nowhere.

Guests and TikTok user @thepixelperfectionla grabbed their phones and started capturing the moment because it’s something no one has seen before at a wedding. But in the best way possible. It’s too beautiful for words!  

@thepixelperfectionla OMG this deer showed up at the wedding ceremony! #weddings #weddingtiktok #weddinginspo #findyourgrace #nourisheveryyou ♬ original sound – ThePixelPerfection

Wow! A deer?! Talk about a day they’ll never forget! Hopefully, the couple didn’t get too upset the deer totally took the attention off of them. LOL! We don’t think so because it’s a unique and special moment to cherish forever, especially since TikTokers believe it was symbolic.

TikTok users in the comments are saying the deer was more than just a deer. “A loved one came to visit. They refused to miss your wedding…you’re blessed,” said @vicky_flint_mich. Aww! Our hearts, we can’t handle it! What a beautiful, beautiful way to imagine why the deer was there. We absolutely agree a loved one was there for the wedding!

And then, of course, there were TikTokers who thought of funnier reasons why the deer was there. @italiangirlsam76 wrote, “Clean-up crew showed up a lil early …” Well, she was eating all the rose petals and she wanted to get out of there at a decent time! @Joe Kollars added, “It reminds the groom that for the rest of his life he will be saying, ‘Yes deer.’” LMAO! Ain’t that the truth!