A large bison was captured on video recently headbutting a small car in Yellowstone National Park, proving again that these animals warrant a wide berth.

The accompanying footage, uploaded to YouTube on Sunday, shows the motorist idling on a road in Hayden Valley, seemingly from a safe distance.

But this is the bison rut, or mating season, and some of the animals can be ornery at times.

The YouTube user, xConcertChicksx, wrote in the description:

“This large bison was standing still in the middle of the road, so cars stopped in both directions with plenty of room between them and the bison. Along comes another bison from the valley, up to the road, much closer to car.

“The larger bison then decides to walk over to the smaller (yet still large) bison. That’s when this happened. Just think if he really put all his force into the ram. Luckily no one was hurt, not even the bison.”

The tourist might have had an interesting conversation with his insurance company, though, because the bison appears to have to have caused minor front-end damage.