Clearly, he has spoken!

Keeping dogs in crates can be a controversial topic among dog owners. Some people think it’s cruel to keep dogs locked in crates while others think it’s necessary when no one is home and many even claim their dogs even enjoy being in their crate. One woman tested her husky’s feelings about his crate and the reaction is hilarious.

Haiku the husky’s mom locked him out of his crate as a way to test what his reaction would be if he couldn’t get in. She recorded the results and uploaded the video to their TikTok account, @haikuthehusky, to share the results of this experiment. Check out the video to see the hilarious reaction this husky had to being kept out of his crate.

@haikuthehusky If I lock him out… he sings me the song of his people… #viral #fyp #haikuthehusky #husky #dog ♬ original sound – Haikuthehusky

OMG, this is too funny! Huskies are well known for being ‘talkative’ and loud dogs that rarely bark bu instead communicate by howling, whining, and even screaming. While most husky owners know this when they adopt their dog, it still comes as an amusing shock whenever they hear it in person. Haiku’s mom wrote in the caption that if she locks him out of the cage, which Haiku thinks of as his safe space, “he sings me the song of his people.”

People in the comments are making jokes about Haiku’s singing talents. @gersonthegingerkitty said, “When’s his single coming out?” and @jullerullan98 commented, “He’s doing the police siren sound to emphasize that someone needs to call 911.” These husky sounds sure are crazy!

Others used the opportunity to explain how crates are beneficial to dogs that have been properly crate trained. @madison_rodgers commented, “My dog’s crate stays open 24/7. He loves that thing, kind of like it’s his bedroom,” and @stormyvalkyrie said, “People who think it’s cruel are just uninformed. My dog goes to his crate on his own all the time.” It’s important for dog owners to understand the benefits of proper crate training to get results like these!

Huskies are so funny when they try vocalize their feelings, we can’t help but laugh! Hopefully, Haiku’s mom opened his crate up after this video.