In recent weeks, thousands of beagles have been rescued from a life of misery and heartache after the Virginia breeding facility housing them was ordered to be shut down. The Humane Society has been working to rehome them.

Among the dogs who’ve been getting a fresh start is this sweet pup named Sami. Like all the dogs who’d been rescued, she’d spent her entire life denied the most basic joys of being a pup.

But now everything has changed.

Last Thursday, Karen Shrader and her family volunteered to open their home to Sami, taking her in as a foster dog. It was clear from the get-go that Sami wasn’t accustomed to kindness, or the fact that the world isn’t always a scary place.

“The first day she was very timid, but she claimed a dog bed in our family room,” Shrader told The Dodo. “She would only venture a few feet from the bed.”

Before long, however, Sami discovered the grassy backyard. There, she touched grass for the very first time in her life.

And this was her reaction:

“By Saturday, she was doing zoomies and chasing balls,” Shrader said.

Sami was ecstatic.

In the breeding facility, she’d been missing out on so much happiness. Now she has it all.

In just a matter of days, Sami has blossomed from a sad, shy dog into a happy, playful pup. For Shrader, it’s been a true pleasure to watch her foster dog flourish.

“It warms my heart to know she has gone from a place where she could not be a dog and now enjoy the freedom to run, play and feel the loving touch of a human!” Shrader said. “She has received love from my family and she gives us so much joy!”

Shrader hopes that Sami’s story will help inspire more people to look into fostering these beagles, or to help by donating to the Humane Society (more information about which can be found here).

In the end, however, for Shrader and her family, being foster parents to Sami just didn’t work out as planned.

“She has won our hearts. We are adopting her!” Shrader said. “Yes, I’m a foster failure!”