Emotional Support Alligator Up for ‘America’s Favorite Pet’

A very special, sort of famous reptile from York County, Pennsylvania is in the running to be crowned America’s Favorite Pet.

WallyGator is an emotional support alligator from a local reptile rescue.

Wally has become a TikTok sensation and is surely not your typical alligator.

Of course, never try to swim or snuggle with unsupervised alligators.

Wally lives at a reptile rescue. For some reason, he’s just a mild, emotional alligator who somehow gives hugs and kisses. He even plays in lakes and pools with kids.

“He’s a big supporter of people needing smiles,” says his handler, Joie Henney. “The reason that I’d say vote for Wally is that he works with a lot of special needs adults and children. He puts thousands of smiles on people’s faces almost every day. He comforts people when they’re sad.”

Henney is currently undergoing radiation for prostate cancer, and Wally is his emotional support animal.

He doesn’t know why but the 7-year-old gator has never attacked or shown aggression towards anything.

Yes, they walk him on a leash and his favorite treat is cheese puffs.

If Wally looks familiar, he was the inspiration for the design of ‘Alligator Loki’ on Disney+

Voting just opened Monday for “America’s Favorite Pet,” and right now Wally is in second place.

There’s a $10,000 prize up for grabs.

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