Viral video of a woman walking an enormous animal has prompted debate online — with some who’ve said it’s a massive canine, while others are convinced it’s a wolf.

The clip was uploaded to World Star Hip Hop on Monday morning, where it’s racked up more than 144,000 views in the span of several hours.

The 10-second video was filmed by a stunned motorist who took note of the unidentified woman walking nonchalantly along a busy road with the gigantic beast on a leash.

It’s unclear exactly where the footage was recorded, but the motorist’s accent indicates that it was captured somewhere in the United States.

“Is that a wolf or a dog?” the driver asks her daughter, who is also sitting in the car.

“That’s big!” the daughter exclaims, before saying she thinks it’s a massive dog.

“Or a beast!” the baffled mother responds.

Watch below:

Thousands of pundits shared their own theories on the World Star Hip Hop page, including many who claimed the animal was either a large Irish Wolfhound or a Scottish Deerhound.

Despite their hulking size and scraggly appearance, both breeds are considered calm and affectionate.

Some viewers disagreed with the mundane explanation, pointing out that the nose and mouth of the creature in the clip were not indicative of either of those breeds.

Among the dog theory detractors, the animal was compared to a hyena, while one critic described it as a “f–king mutant that escaped from a lab at The Pentagon.”

Meanwhile, one joked that the animal was “Jon Snow’s dire wolf” Ghost, referring to the beloved fictional pet from “Game of Thrones.”

The internet could not come to a conclusion about the animal, but seemingly all commenters concurred that the woman would be safe getting around town with the ferocious beast by her side.

“Whatever it is, it’s serving it’s purpose and you’re not going to walk up on her,” one declared.