When an animal finds its forever home, you just know it. Sometimes they’re quick to find comfort and security in their news surroundings.

Or maybe they blend in right away. That’s why so many people are praising one woman on the internet, who shared how easily her brand new mini-donkey was acclimating to her home in a video on TikTok. He looks so happy and at peace! 

The joyful video was shared by Megan Randall, or @randallm15 as she goes by online, who must’ve been so happy to welcome the new animal to their farm. “The newest addition to the barn…Jonny Cash!” she wrote in the onscreen caption.

The micro mini-donkey seemed so happy as he wandered the grounds for the first time. And he looked like he was quickly getting along with the other animals. Take a look!

@randallm15 Everyone meet Johnny Cash! #donkeysoftiktok #microminidonkey #farmlife #johnnycash #johnnyandjune #fyp ♬ Sunroof – Nicky Youre & dazy

“And we love him already! Welcome home Johnny!” his owner wrote. Just look at Johnny roll around in the dust! 

Randall wasn’t the only one to welcome the new donkey home. “He’s absolutely adorable!” @lisat8511 wrote. “Adorable. Right at home doin’ rollies,” @kjessie11 joked. “He’s thinking JACKPOT!!” @catzoliverandemma added.

“Looks like he’s making himself right at home. Congratulations may you have many beautiful years together, @mikamoo39 chimed in. “Sweet boy! Love the name you gave him. Love Johnny Cash,” @luciamariebailey praised. 

Randall even managed to capture Johnny’s very first bray at the farm on camera. “He found his voice!” the onscreen caption reads. 

@randallm15 We haven’t heard a peep from June yet, but I have a feeling it’s coming! #miniaturedonkeysoftiktok #johnnyandjune #farmlife ♬ original sound – Megan Randall

Hilariously, the noise happened when Johnny first laid eyes on another donkey in his pen — June. We guess it was love at first sight.