Video of Cat Watching Mom Get Pulled Over in the Parking Lot Is the Gift That Keeps on Giving

For some, the idea of getting pulled over while driving is just as scary as facing the loved ones who find out about it. As a teenager, this usually means Mom or Dad, but for grad student and TikTok user @nellyeahhhh, it was someone else. 

When Nell was pulled over, she noticed a small, sneaky silhouette keeping tabs on the situation from the comfort of her bedroom window. It was her cat. Not only was the feline feeling extra nosy at the sight of the flashing lights, but they looked a little displeased about the whole thing, too. That sounds about right for a cat!

@nellyeahhhh just a girl failing to make her cat proud. #imsorryhoney #badrolemodel #ashamed #tortitude #cattok ♬ original sound – nellkristen

LOL! That kitty might as well be grabbing a snack to munch on while they enjoy the show. They’re not even trying to be subtle, either–no wonder Nell couldn’t help but catch it on film! We just can’t help but wonder if the officer ever noticed the peeping tomcat (see what we did there?).

“She said ;there she goes smh she don’t listen, she don’t listen’ 😂,” commented @creativity1998. LMAO! To be fair, Nell captioned this video with the hashtag “tortitude,” so we know for sure that this tortoiseshell cat is known for a bit of drama. Typical!

In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if @toostush82’s suspicions were correct. She wrote: “plot twist the cat was the one that called the cops she’s upset about the the lack of treats 😂.” Ha! We bet this sneaky feline totally would, if they could. For now, though, they seem content with current events.

Then again, there would be a flaw or two to that plan. “The cat’s like how she gonna feed me from jail,” @arsonwelles said–it’s a good point! Okay, maybe the sassy kitty didn’t call the cops on Nell, but you can’t convince us they aren’t secretly enjoying it!

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