Kevin Bacon and the rest of the Bacon-Sedgwick family are getting used to a life without their beloved dog Lilly by their side.

Lilly passed away earlier this summer aged thirteen, and both Kevin, Kyra Sedgwick, and their children Sosie and Travis Bacon took to Instagram to honor her life.

Now the actor has shared with fans a bittersweet update from home on just how he is adjusting following the heartbreaking loss.

The star shared a clip of himself where he is walking down a road, and rather than walking a dog, he is walking one of his small horses on a leash.

In the video, he says: “Things change you know. Life changes. Still left for the after dinner walk but now, it’s with little Ricky.”

He goes on to pan the camera to the adorable small pony, and fans were glad to see that Kevin still had some nice company for his walks. In the caption, he wrote: “Things change. Roll with it,” and his followers did not hesitate to support the father-of-two, and gush about little Ricky.

They wrote: “I’m sure Lily is smiling down on you and little Ricky,” and: “Aww… Little Ricky,” with a heart eyes emoji, as well as: “Little Ricky is freaking awesome,” plus another fan added: “I love little Ricky. Lilly is there in spirit with her big stick.”

Upon Lilly’s passing on 8 July, the family all took to Instagram to remember her and shared some heartfelt pictures and tributes.

Kyra first broke the news to fans by sharing an adorable photo of the pup, staring up at the camera with a sweet, doe-eyed stare as she lay on her bed while biting on to a rope toy. The actress wrote: “Had to say goodbye to our sweet crazy girl today,” before endearingly stating: “While she took a piece of my heart with her, it was worth it!”

Kevin’s photos proved just how attached they all were to Lilly, and vice-versa, sharing even more snapshots of her throughout the years, always by their side. He wrote: “Goodbye sweet Lilly. We miss you already.”