Purebred dogs might get all the hype, especially at dog shows, but more and more mixed breeds are gaining popularity. Poodle mixes–like Cockapoos, Goldendoodles, and Aussiedoodles–are especially well known (and unfortunately are often taken advantage of by irresponsible breeders), but rarer mixes are entering the spotlight, too. 

One TikTok video from @kobandash is bringing attention to the coveted Golden Retriever and Husky mix–one that’s rarely encountered “in the wild.” The video in question features Asher, a “self-proclaimed good boy” who lives with his human mama and his canine brother Kobe. All Asher has to do is smile for the camera and our hearts are absolutely melted–that’s the power of this adorable breed mix.

@kobandash Asher the golden husky good boy #goldenhuskymix #goldenretriever #husky #rescue ♬ this is what it look like – lucas

Just look at that face! No wonder the Internet is breaking for this precious boy. He could make the entire world come to a standstill if he wanted to! 

“THATS NOT A HUSKY-GOLDEN MIX, THATS A PUREBRED GOOD BOY,” wrote @jayyy_deeeee. Exactly! That lil’ angel has us under his spell already, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Funny enough, though, Asher actually isn’t a pure Husky and Golden Retriever mix. Their human replied to a comment, “he has a little bit of shepherd in him as well but the 2 biggest breeds are golden & husky according to @embarkvet!!” Honestly, we couldn’t care less which breeds are involved here–Asher is perfect exactly as he is!

We’re thinking @liveuncomfortably feels the same way. “Oh…. My….. GOD!!” they commented. “I’m on the fence between a Goldie and a Husky… you’re saying I can have both??!!?!?” That’s exactly what we’re saying! We think @deathbringer2020 worded it perfectly when they called Asher, “50% golden retriever, 50% husky, 100% floof, and 100000000% adorable.” Don’t forget another 100% good boy!