Having fur siblings who vary in age can be such a bittersweet blessing. Your younger pup will have someone to show them the ropes as they grow, and their older sibling will always have someone to keep them active. 

Of course, a time will come when the elder pet starts to slow down, which can be a difficult transition for everyone. Still, moments of love and silliness shine through the hard times. TikTok account @dacia_fabricia caught one of these moments between their Boston Terriers on film, and now all of social media is reaching for the tissues. Sibling love is the best kind! 

@dacia_fabricia Valentina won’t let her senior sister give up! #dogs #🌈 #bestfriends #🐶 #pets #bostonterrier #besties #braintumor #dogsoftiktok #hope #seniordog #dogmom #petsoftiktok ♬ The Night We Met – Lord Huron

We just adore these sweet girls and their polar opposite desires! Although her little sis wants to run and play with her, Gabi knows it’s time for a nap in the sun. Still, we feel so bad that Valentina doesn’t totally get it! 

“Adorable and sad all at once,” agreed @grimgirl66. “I’m not crying you are!😢.” How did you know? These girls have us deep in our feels already, but it’s nice to know that not even their mommas are immune! 

“I know!” she replied to @grimgirl66.”Valentina doesn’t understand and loves her so much. And she’s just like, yo, you’re in front of my sun 😂🥰.” LOL! That’s a much lighter way of looking at it–especially when you consider that Gabi is probably relaxed AF! 

A quick scroll through their account fills in a few details: Gabi was diagnosed with a brain tumor but is living very comfortably with Valentina and their mommas. Clearly, these adorable Bostons are gaining fans left and right, and it’s easy to see why! Whether playing or napping, Gabi and Valentina are oh-so precious.