One little penguin decided to hitch a ride on an Antarctic taxi in order to find a safe place to land. In a video originally captured by Vladimir Seliverstov, the tiny creature suddenly makes an appearance on a boat carrying a group of photographers.

Naturally, this resulted in some incredible footage of the creature standing at the bow—looking not-so-large but definitely in charge—before hopping off as if it was no big deal.

Seliverstov offers some context for the penguin’s trip. “[An] Adelie penguin jumped into our Zodiac [inflatable boat] while we were cruising around an iceberg,” Seliverstov explains, “he was escaping from a leopard seal and didn’t want to go back into the water so we decided to take him to the iceberg where his friends were waiting.”

The short video concludes with the flightless bird jumping from the edge of the boat and landing on the hard-packed snow and ice. He then runs up the hill as the people on the boat say, “Bye!” And, “Thank you!” They were surely just as grateful for the penguin’s cameo as the bird was to flee that leopard seal.

Watch the video below: