Cat Siblings Reunite After a Year Apart

We love a sibling reunion — especially if it involves animals. Peter and Tinx were two siblings who were surrendered to the humane society and then adopted into different homes. That is — until recently, when the two were able to be reunited. Watching these two find each other again might just bring a tear to your eye. 

According to their TikTok page, @carolineparker_, Tink was re-surrendered to the humane society recently. Meaning that Peter’s mama was able to finally adopt her. The two are living together again, and a now-viral video on the cat mama’s page shows their incredible first meeting. “Watch my rescue cat get reunited with his bio sister after a year apart,” the video’s text overlay states. If you ask us, it looks like these two easily recognized each other. Even after being apart for about a year. 

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Later in the caption, their mama revealed even more good news. “Of course I had to adopt her too,” she wrote.

The comments section loved this happy ending. “I need this video to be an hour longer. I need to know everything. Are they living together now? Are they besties? What’s the tea,” @user90237777800023 wondered. “Mom? is this who I think?” @cyydenn added. “This made me emotional,” @samanthafortner4 admitted. “Dogs reuniting ‘OMG HIHIHIHIHIHI I MISSED YOU HI HELLO HI’ cats reuniting ‘oh hi what’s up,'” @Ophelia??? joked. 

We’re holding back the tears just thinking about these two meeting each other. They’re going to have the best life together now that they’re together again. Or as their mama explained elsewhere on their page, “They are now in a loving home together with a mom who can provide for them forever,” she wrote.

Three cheers for that!

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  1. And there are some people who believe that cats do not bond with each other, or their people.
    HA! Cats are just as loving as other animals, and this shows it 💖

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