A dog owner in Colorado says that a psychic provided a critical clue which helped locate her lost pit bull that had gone missing for eleven days. The remarkable case reportedly began earlier this month as Mary Frances Weir was settling into her new home in the community of Blue River.

While, ironically, interviewing a pet sitter for her prized pooches, two of her pit bulls darted out of her house and disappeared into the nearby woods. “I wasn’t too worried about them,” she recalled, since the dogs have ‘run away’ in the past and “they usually come back within an hour.”

However, as the day went on and the animals did not return, Weir became worried, especially since she and her pets had only just moved to the area and were largely unfamiliar with the location.

While one of her pit bulls, Ginger, was found a couple of days later, Weir’s other dog, Rosie, remained at large and her fears grew considerably as the animal’s absence stretched into the subsequent week. “It was a miserable feeling,” she recalled, “I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t focus on anything else.”

Understandably anguished over the missing animal, she spent two days hanging a staggering 250 flyers throughout the community in the hopes that someone might spot Rosie during their travels. Although the posters sparked a search effort from concerned residents, the dog was nowhere to be found, which ultimately led Weir to enlist a self-described ‘animal intuitive’ who claimed that she could telepathically connect with the missing pit bull.

“I know it sounds nutty,” Weir said, “but within the hour she sent me an address” with the instruction that “this house has something to do with Rosie.” Amazingly, when she went to the location, she met the homeowner, named Keith, who said that he had actually seen her posters and had looked for her dog.

Perhaps sensing that the psychic was on to something, the duo ventured into the nearby White River National Forest, which is adjacent to Keith’s property, and they managed to locate Rosie “within 10 minutes.” In a weakened state after surviving in the wild for 11 days,the pit bull was brought back to Weir’s home, where she is resting comfortably and recovering from her misadventure.