For some, motherhood is a dream. For others, a dreaded nightmare. While everyone has their own stance on the topic, one thing we know for sure is that motherhood ain’t easy.

All the sleepless nights, the nursing, the nurturing – it can get tiring. When tired, some mommies will leave their kids with a relative to babysit, others will simply nap through all the baby shenanigans. 

Today we’re focusing on the second scenario, where mommy cats sleep right through the baby noise. 

Pallas cat Mia, who is 6 years old, recently gave birth to 4 beautiful kittens. The kittens are healthy, happy, and thriving. They’re now around 2-3 months old and love two things: playing and their mommy (adorable). So naturally, they decided to combine the two and play on their mommy.

What beholds is a video of 4 tiny Pallas kittens climbing, playing, and jumping all over their mommy, who is the most patient little lady.