Their enigmatic – and some would argue, even aloof – qualities are what lend cats their air of mystery.

And whether they’re meowing, hissing or purring, it’s often impossible to know exactly what your feline is thinking.

But a new ‘cat translator’ app could help owners decipher what their pets are trying to tell them.

MeowTalk founders say they have found a formula that is able to identify a cat’s meows and translate them into human languages.

It has gone viral since being launched in Japan, with 17million downloads and 250million meows recorded.

There is even an Alexa-style function that can pick up on cat noises automatically, sending owners a translation on their phone when detected.

The app works by identifying a cat sound and linking it to one of 13 pre-set vocalisations, and then producing the equivalent meaning in human language.

Phrases include ‘Feed me’, ‘I’m angry’, ‘Leave me alone’ and the one most cat owners want to hear – ‘I’m in love’.

Its description reads: ‘Eat cat has their own unique vocabulary that they use to communicate with their owners consistently in the same context. 

This is not necessarily a language… but we can use Machine Learning to interpret an individual’s meows and translate this into a human readable language.’

One review reads: ‘Only used for a few hours but the results seem accurate. It translated the cat being chilled and wanting strokes…but then translated when she’d had enough.

‘Her dinnertime chat seemed especially spot on – as I was dishing it out she loved me, but when I took too long to give it to her she was demanding.

‘Good to know we understand each other.’

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