Everyone always thinks about what the service dog does for their human, but nobody ever thinks about what the human does for the service dog! These helpful angels that are literal medical devices deserve to have the world. They not only help us function, they also provide unconditional love and loyalty. 

TikToker @melody.autumn shares videos describing her life with her service dog, autumn. The pup was a rescue that was trained to help her with allergy and psych responses. She is precious, sweet, and helpful. She also has always taken wholesomely to cats, but cats have never showed her love back. So her human decided she needed to do something for her service dog. 

She noticed the interest her dog took with cats, so decided to get Autumn her own kitten. Introducing a cat and dog is never an easy journey, but for Autumn and her kitten Trixie, it was instant love. The two quickly bonded and Autumn instantly become the surrogate mother for this rescued kitten. 

The rescue dog has a job to keep her human safe, but now she is also an adoptive mother and she loves taking care of her sweet kitten. 

@melody.autumn Their relationship is the cutest thing ever, Autumn has something to look forward to every day 💕🐈‍⬛ #cat #dogandcat #catanddog #servicedog #kitten #pibble #americanbully #bullybreed #pitbull ♬ Fallen down – Slowed – 「Incørrect」

“This is my service dog Autumn, and this is her kitten Trixie. Autumn has always loved cats, but they never reciprocated the same feelings. Her job included helping me, but I wanted something to help her. I think Autumn knew that they had a very relatable history. Both were found completely alone at a very young age. Whenever the kitten squirmed, cried, or was cold Autumn would get up to check on her. At only a year and six months, my service dog developed a very motherly bond. Trixie started to grow really fast, but her feelings for Autumn never changed. She actually really liked playing with Autumn’s tail. Her energy may have been higher, but at night their routine would start to begin again. At times it would be hard to watch because Trixie resembles my late cat. I got Autumn a month after her passing. My bond was really strong with my cat, so I’m glad Autumn gets to experience that with hers… Their relationship is the cutest thing ever, Autumn has something to look forward to every day.”