Nothing breaks our hearts more than seeing wild animals suffer. Seeing such majestic creatures, who should running wild and enjoying nature, be stuck in difficult situations is awful.

And what’s worse is that, unlike a kitten or a puppy, most people would be too afraid to approach a wild animal like a big cat in an attempt to help them. That’s why when we see stories about big cats being rescued, we give them as much shine as possible.

Whether it’s a rescue of 5 cheetah cubs who tragically lost their momma, or if it’s a dehydrated bobcat kitten getting rescued and growing into a beauty, of it it’s a tiger getting rescued from a freezing backyard and celebrating its 1st birthday at a sanctuary, each and every one of these stories is heartwarming and reminds us that we should help these amazing wild creatures too.

And that’s the exact message of the video that you’re about to watch today. Even 15 years later, when everyone, including these tigers, have lost hope, it’s still worth it to help them. Truly, we have never seen a tiger look as happy as these two when touching grass for the first time.