This is why it’s important to get a plan in place for your dog in case something happens.

Animal rescuers are really, truly heroes. Not only do they witness and save pets from living in deplorable conditions, but they also provide love, patience, and hope when an animal needs it the most. It has to be one of the most difficult–yet rewarding–jobs on the planet. 

We’d like to think that @rochellesteffen would agree. This dog mama and animal rescuer is the founder of Mac’s Mission, a Missouri-based nonprofit that “specializes in special.” They find loving homes for animals who need specific care and TLC, and we absolutely adore their mission. 

For one of their newest intakes, a small senior dog named Lindt, that extra love and patience will go a long way. TikTok is collectively sobbing for this sweet girl, and it’s easy to see why. Her story is oh-so-heartbreaking.

@rochellesteffen Us rescuers are tired in our souls cleaning up humanity. #tissuesneeded #macsmission #dogrescue #seniordog #tumor #fyp #fypシ #broken #shewillbepk #sheisloved #rescue ♬ Emotional Piano for the Soul (Inspirational Background Music) – Fearless Motivation Instrumentals

Poor baby girl! We adore little Lindt so much, but our hearts are positively shattered for her. We can’t imagine how fearful and confused she must be! 

Judging by this video’s comments, we aren’t the only ones who feel this way. Viewer @petraellen1 wrote, “she must be devastated 🥺 im so sorry little baby…” Isn’t it just the worst? After giving 14 amazing years of love to her owner, this is how she was rewarded. 

“i would neeeeever give my dogs into a shelter,” @sporkert1 said. “They will stay with me as long as they live.” Exactly! We agree 100%, but it sounds like Lindt’s former owner did, too. 

“This woman said the same thing and now she’s moving into an apartment,” Rochelle replied. “She also severely neglected this dog.” Ugh, we’re going to need another tissue. We hate knowing what’s happened to this sweet, innocent dog, but we hope with all our hearts that the rest of her life is filled with more love than she could even imagine!