A caller reported seeing someone throw a plastic tote over a Central Florida bridge from a moving vehicle this week, according to a Thursday Facebook post from Orlando-based Orange County Animal Services.

An incident report from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office said the witness, who was out walking her dog, flagged down a deputy for help. The concerned resident, looking from the top of the span, said a dog could be seen curled up inside the bag.

A rescue officer along with a deputy with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, responded. They discovered a young female inside the small blue plastic tote that had been “thrown away like garbage,” said the post.

The pair climbed down the steep embankment, and were eventually able to pull the animal, a beige pit bull, to safety. The deputy named her rescue Daisy, said the incident report.

The 2-year-old pup wasn’t injured, and shortly. And shortly after her ordeal, she was adopted. The sheriff’s office shared the post of the pup, which looks in excellent shape, with the caption: “Looks like Daisy has found a home! That makes us happy!

The rescue organization ended the post saying despite the story having a happy ending, it’s still unclear why someone would toss the poor thing in the water in the first place.

“We don’t know why this happened,” said animal services. “The location where Daisy was dumped is a short drive from the shelter. There are literally hundreds of private rescues that would be willing to take in a sweet and gentle dog for foster or adoption. And yet someone chose instead to commit this act of cruelty.”

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