A Colorado man who built a tree swing in the woods hoping to videotape bear cubs captured cute footage of a mountain lion turning into a playful kitty instead.

Thaddeus Wells recorded the video in early September near Black Hawk, about 40 miles northwest of Denver.

The mountain lion had been feeding on a deer nearby and was sleeping under the swing when it discovered the swing by hitting it with its paw.

“When I saw this reaction to the swing I laughed and fell in love with her. Who wouldn’t?” Wells told news reporters. “You can see her mind at work. She seems surprised to find that it moved at all and then surprised to see it swings so far as to hover over her. She really focuses her attention on it for some time.”

“It’s edited to remove stuff like her tasting and biting the swing,” Wells said, adding that the cougar looked bigger due to a swollen jaw. He suspects the deer might have kicked it in the face.

After four days of feasting on the deer, the mountain lion moved on, displayed by three bears.

“[They] spent the night at the spring while they devoured what remained of the deer,” Wells said.

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