A vet explained the five things she would never do with her dog as they are bad for your pooch’s health – including throwing a stick.

This Vet posts TikTok updates on her work including best practice for caring for pets.

She described her absolute no-nos for looking after her black lab Mandy in a recent video.

In the video, she said: “Here are five things I would never do with my dog.”

“Number one, I will never throw a stick for her. The injuries that are caused by throwing sticks are horrendous. Down their mouths, into their necks, they can be super super serious.”

“Mandy will never be chasing a stick.

“Number two, although she loves playing with tennis balls, I will never use a ball-thrower to throw one for her.”

“They do incredible damage to dogs’ joints and the balls will always be dog friendly ones.”

“Number three, I will never feed Mandy a raw dog food diet.”

“You can feed your dogs whatever you wish but for me the risk of nutritional imbalances and the risk of bacterial infections to both her and to my family are far too great”.

“Number four, I will never let her get fat”.

“We know that obesity can take up to two years off a dog’s life and I want her with me for as long as possible – not to mention the strain it puts on the joints and other parts of the body.”

“And number five, I will always keep her up to date with her vaccines and her flee and her worm treatments.

“I do not want my dog getting really sick from preventable diseases.”

Fellow TikTokers were quick to jump in with their comments.

One person said: “So glad you’ve said this, sick of people judging me for not feeding my pooch a raw food diet.”

To which the vet replied: “The shaming of people who don’t feed raw, which is a very sensible decision, is awful.

“There is something very obsessive about raw feeding fanatics.”

Another fan said: “My mum used to be a vet, sticks and ball throwers are a big no no.”

While another said: “Yaaaas – especially the ball launcher & fat part.. biggest peeves as a physio.”

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