Rescue is Called to Help Three Huskies at Abandoned House and Finds Huge Surprise – WATCH VIDEOS

When Rescue One got a call one evening about three adult huskies who’d been left in an abandoned house, they immediately agreed to help. The next morning, their emergency rescue team headed out to the house in Highlandville, Missouri. As they pulled into the driveway, two of the huskies ran up to greet them, so excited at the prospect of being rescued, and were quickly loaded into the van.

The team just had one dog left to get — or so they thought.

“The property was very overgrown and it was obvious no one had been there for some time,” Stephanie Shelton, the executive director of Rescue One, said in a press release. “We saw the mama dog through the window of the home. With our slip lead ready, we opened the door and she ran out. Our volunteer quickly shut the door behind the mom and yelled, ‘Puppies!’”

Shocked, the team gently opened the door again, more prepared this time — and eight adorable puppies came charging at them.

The team had no idea there were puppies on the property as well and they were beyond thrilled that they were able to get them all away from the abandoned house. The 11 dogs had no access to food or water and were all covered in fleas. But other than that, they were all pretty healthy.

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“We headed back to our office and gave all of the puppies baths and everyone food and water,” Shelton said. “Due to overcrowding in our rescue, the mom and puppies will be transferred and already have applications for adoption when they are ready through our partner rescue, Unleashed Pet Rescue, and the males, Mongoose and Badger, will be available for adoption at”

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