A family-of-four owe their lives to a kitten after the four-month-old Thor woke them up alerting them to the buildup of deadly carbon monoxide.

The lethal gas had built up after a power outage caused the Stamper family ‘s garage door to close while a portable generator was running inside.

Heidi Stamper, from Oakland, Michigan, woke up to the loud cries from Thor and noticed it was acting weird and sick.

After taking the cat outside its condition improved but when the went back inside the house she fainted.

The kitten continued to cry which woke up children Paige, 13, and Quinn, 11, who were able to drag their “semi-conscious” parents out of the house, according to reports.

Thankfully the entire family survived after the Farmington Hills Fire Department arrived at the scene and rushed them to a hospital. Heidi and her two children were the flown to the Promedica Hospital in Toledo for specialized care.

The incident happened on August 30, according to local media reports.

Fire Chief Jon Unruh added: “The Fire Department reminds everyone that generators should NEVER be used inside homes, garages, basements, sheds or any other enclosed or partially enclosed spaces.

“In this case, using a portable generator in an enclosed garage almost had deadly consequences.”

Since the near-deadly incident both the family and their neighbours have installed carbon monoxide alarms in their homes.

GoFundMe page has been set up for the Stamper family to help them cover their medical fees.

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