Always be aware of your surroundings.

I’ll never forget my grandpa always telling me to be aware of three things whenever me and my cousins would go out into the woods behind their house…

Snakes, bears, and ESPECIALLY… mountain lions.

Mountain lions are pretty relentless creatures, and they are not afraid to attack if they feel threatened in any way, even if you’re a human. They also tend to be incredibly sneaky and if you spot one, chances are that it already saw you first.

Case in point.

The guy in this video had no clue how close he was to being sent to the afterlife in this scenario.

A home’s security footage shows a mountain lion walking around a front yard in a residential area in Ojai, California.

However, the mountain lion notices a man jogging down the street, and quickly finds a bush to hide behind before the jogger could even see it.

Sure enough, the mountain lion just watches from behind the bushes, seemingly ready to pounce, as the dude trots right on by. And here’s the thing, running away from a predator, or running of any kind, can trigger a chase response and put you in even more trouble than just calmly backing away. All the more dangerous of a scenario when the guy has no idea what was lurking only a few feet from him.

It’s pretty suspenseful, because you have no idea if the creature is just trying not to be seen due to it being scared, or if it was possibly planning an attack for a brief second before changing its mind.

And of course, the guy is in a neighborhood, so never in a million years would he think he had to worry about a mountain lion lurking in a nearby front yard.

Nevertheless, you just always have to keep your eyes peeled… just in case.

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