Gotta see a man about a horse! Well, actually it’s a horse at a window and it’s about saying good morning… 

Horses are majestic creatures that have been through our sides the entire time we have evolved from horse drawn carriages to electric cars. They are extremely empathetic and create beautiful bonds with the ones they love, and that often times can be a human. However, us our species is notorious for, we tend to abuse a great thing, and that unfortunately includes horses. They get used for their meat and power, used, abused, and then tossed away. It’s heartbreaking. 

Animal lover Angel Appleton posts often about her rescued horse Holgan on her TikTok. She started first by fostering him after he was rescued from a meat trade. However, she fell in love with him and decided to full adopt him. Since then, he has blossomed from a starved, sick, and scared boy, to a beautiful, strong, and happy mama’s boy.

“Seeing how hogan has flourished and transformed into a beautiful gentle sweet horse I can’t wrap my head around his owner discarding him to auction when he was no longer useful knowing he would see a horrible fate.”

When she first met Hogan, he wouldn’t even let humans come near him. He was terrified, sick, and starving. The before videos show him as barely skin and bones, with his tongue hanging out, very sickly. Appleton couldn’t even give him pats on the head like he deserved. But through patience and lots of love, Hogan has now become more than just a pet horse, but also part of the family.

The sweet bean is there standing by the window waiting for his mama, the rescuer, every morning to say hello. The second she enters the room or comes out back, he gives a loud and happy whinny, as if he’s ecstatic to see her. She can’t wake up now unless she gets the good morning from her horsey baby. It’s so wholesome and adorable and he’s gone viral because of it! Appleton is happy about all the attention and hopes that it will bring more people to the fight to help horses. 

@angel_appleton This never gets old for me .. i can’t ever imagine the thought of one day never waking up to Hogan greeting me at the window like this 😩❤️ #happymonday #hogan #horserescue #windowhorse #horsesoftiktok #horsetok #horses #hearthorse ♬ original sound – Angel
@angel_appleton I’ve been pretty sick the last week so my schedule with hogan has been off and I haven’t been greeting him in the mornings like normal .. this morning was the first morning I was out at our normal time to say good morning and I think he’s happy I’m back 🤣❤️🐴 #hogan #excited #horserescue #horsesoftiktok #horsetok #horses #goodmorning ♬ original sound – Angel

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