Whether big or small, Hurricane Ian hit many coastal residents of the US hard. One artist showed how her husband helped a squirrel in need and how it gratefully accepted the assistance.

Caris, an artist and Twitch streamer, presented her husband CJ’s touching rescue on TikTok.

In the video, he waded through a deep puddle and offered the animal his foot so that it could save itself.

The squirrel immediately accepted with thanks, but the rest of CJ’s rescue plan didn’t quite work out.

Instead of just staying on his foot for a moment, the little animal abruptly ran up his pant leg, although CJ pointed somewhat helplessly and tried to guide the creature back to the ground.

Ultimately, the squirrel found refuge under his warm jacket, causing CJ to look at his wife in a rather perplexed manner.

Shortly after, the two built their newfound pet a little nest where it could rest, and gathered some pecans to make the little one happy.

In a second video, Caris shared that after some fostering, they released the squirrel.

TikTokers absolutely loved the man’s rescuing ways, as the clip has since been viewed more than 4.8 million times.


“The look in his eyes!!! you really got a good man there!!!” one person commented.

“And just like that, he’s turned into a Disney princess,” quipped another. “Absolutely!” the artist replied with amusement.

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