Meet Boba, the farm pig with the biggest attitude. This porky boy could put any two-year-old pistol to the test with his high oinks screams for attention. In fact, Boba is the snarkiest pig in Tennessee because of his high pitched, eardrum piercing, guttural squeal, which he unleashes when he doesn’t get his way. 

Boba is one of two pigs owned by this Nashville farmer, but he is the biggest glutton when it comes to… well… pigging out.

He came up to the fence and attempted to sneak past the owner as she filled the chickens’ food bowls. The farmer turned and caught him red handed, waggling her finger and reprimanding this porky heist. Because Boba was scolded for attempted theft and premeditated feasting, he unleashed a toddler-like tantrum of epic proportions. Like every adult, you’ve heard the high-pitched cries of a toddler in a Target before. Presumably, you turned your cart the other way to protect your ears and to hang on to a shred of aural sanity. 

Well, Boba’s scream is 1000x worse. It’s louder, it’s meaner, it’s more relentless. To be honest though, Boba is the cutest… and unlike human children, his tantrum kinda makes him even cuter. 

@tofupig Every morning Boba thinks its his RIGHT to go in the chicken coop to eat their food. Pigs are toddlers. And throw temper tantrums like two year olds. I love him so much, big baby! #toddler ♬ Cool Kids (our sped up version) – Echosmith

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