One Florida fisherman is sharing a horrifying sight after spotting a massive shark-feeding frenzy just off the side of his fishing boat. One of the most terrifying aspects of this massive feeding frenzy is the fact that it occurred frighteningly close to the water’s edge, the fisherman notes.

In the shocking video, Balou Beasly claims to have caught “thousands” of black tip and bull sharks in a feeding frenzy. The sighing occurred when Beasley and his crew were angling for shrimp while on their boat in the Florida waters. According to Beasly, there could have been as many as 10,000 sharks in the horrifying video. All as the ocean-dwellers fight an intense battle for a meal.

According to Beasly, feeding frenzies such as this one are common. He says he sees similar occurrences regularly. However, he admits he has developed a fear of sharks after witnessing many of these frenzies. The sharks’ behavior is “getting out of hand,” the fisherman says.

The Sharks “Always Follow Us” Beasly Notes of the Fishing Expeditions

Balou Beasly and his brother fish for a living in the Florida area. And, the fisherman notes, it’s not super uncommon to see sharks as they are out in the water. Especially when they decide to do some fish-by-catch fishing.

“We fish for a living and I was on my brother’s shrimp boat,” Beasly explains.

“We catch the shrimp and then there’s usually some fish by-catch and we push it overboard,” the Florida fisherman adds.

Because of this, the “sharks always follow us, the shrimp boats,” Beasly explains. “and just sit like that behind the boat all day.”

However, Beasly says, he believes the ocean-dwellers are getting much more aggressive. A situation that is “getting out of hand,” the fisherman says.

These Ocean-Dwellers Are “Getting More Aggressive”

Beasly notes that he has fished the area all of his life and, while the amount of sharks has always been high, he believes the behaviors are changing.

“I’ve fished all my life and it’s about the same amount of sharks as it used to be,” he explains.


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