Meet Raptor! This cute lizard seems to reject being a reptile and is desperately trying to be a mammal – in this case, specifically, a cat. We can’t really blame him, cats are pretty bomb. Below you’ll find a cute photo of this cool dude.

Joey Josselson, AKA @callmethelamp on TikTok, uploaded an adorable video on the platform where he shows his lizard, Raptor, who is showing ‘human’ and ‘cat’ tendencies. It isn’t every day that you see lizards exhibit this kind of behavior. Joey is a self-proclaimed expert on reptiles and has quite an adorable few of them skedaddling around his place, which he shows frequently in the videos he uploads.

Raptor is a Monitor lizard; they are considered to be the most intelligent of all lizards and are generally appraised as some of the most intelligent reptiles.
In addition, these cute cold-blooded critters are actually very warm-hearted, and this sweet lizard is a great example of that!

Among Raptor’s many hobbies, some of them include climbing up his human’s leg, getting neck scratches, holding his human’s hand while watching Netflix, and jumping bravely from his owner’s legs on to nearby drawers and failing miserably (Bonus points for cuteness though!).


@callmethelamp A reptile dysfunction? My lizard thinks he’s a cat. #monitorlizard #dysfunctional #raptor #komodo #dragon #lizard #gecko #reptiles #cat ♬ original sound – Joey Josselson
@callmethelamp My cat has scales. Monitor lizards are amazing. #monitorlizard #cat #petfails #komodo #dragon #raptor #lizard #gecko #reptiles #catinabox ♬ original sound – Joey Josselson

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