An animal lover Anita Myatt works with rescue dogs often. She is usually brought homeless pups and helps find them a home. This time she was brought the most beautiful pup, who she believed wasn’t even a year old yet. The sweet pup was brought to her because her owner’s just up and left and just left her in the yard to fend for herself all alone. 

When the pup first arrived to Myatt she was whimpering and crying, as if she were mourning her loss and being abandoned. Myatt was giving her all the love she could and then some. Initially, the process was going to be the same with this sweet girl. She was going to nurse her broken heart (and any physical ailments) and then find her a loving home. However, after getting the file on her, the plan changed. 

They found out that this sweet pup had already been through at least four other families, making Myatt’s home the 5th. The dog is barely even one yet, and she has already been taken in and then left behind several times. Can you imagine the kind of trust issues you’d have after having the promise to be loved and cared for forever, but let down at least four times? It’s just heartbreaking to think about a little innocent puppy having to go through that!

Myatt decided that she wasn’t going to put this dog through the process of rehoming again, and she became her fifth and final home. To celebrate, she gave the pup her first ever dog bed. The baby floof was unsure of what it was at first, but the second Myatt placed it on the ground and pointed to it, she went right in and curled up like a happy little donut. She got comfortable, but still got up to thank her rescuer and new forever dog mama for giving her this comfy bed and this new chance at a happy life. 

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