When New Hampshire animal rescue workers found an orphaned baby bobcat, a new mama had to be found quickly. Domestic cat Honey rushed to the rescue and is now caring for the new feline friend.

The cuddly abandoned bobcat cub was found crying in a chicken coop when it was just six weeks old. She weighed less than 2 pounds, Milstone Wildlife Center reported on Facebook.

The cub called continuously and heartbreakingly for its mother, so volunteers had to quickly find a replacement.

In collaboration with another rescue agency called Spicy Cats, an unusual solution was found to help with “play time, snuggle time, and a little help with grooming too,” they said.

The solution’s name was Honey, a “feline volunteer” who had already been a mother of many previous litters.

video of the two meeting for the first time is sweet as pie, with the two comfortable and crawling all over each other right away.

“We’re not sure how long Honey will be staying with us, but we are sure by the purrs of the bobkitten that the solution is perfect for now,” they said.


The bobkitten and Honey have continued to get along fabulously, as seen in several adorable videos of the pair that have gone viral.

As soon as the cub has gained more weight, she will be taken to live with other bobcats at the Milstone Wildlife Center, are will then be prepared for a life in the wild. This is why volunteers have chosen a fellow furry friend to handle the majority of her early care, rather than humans.

“In her first 3 weeks here, she has doubled her length and weight,” the center confirmed on Monday. They are reportedly planning for a successful release in the spring.

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