TikToker has managed to capture the astonishing moment the “world’s biggest snake” was lifted out of the rainforest by a digger in Dominica – leaving viewers stunned.

(So if you have Ophidiophobia, you might want to look away…)

With the reptile being more than 10ft long in length, the footage shows the snake being lifted in the claws of the digger at a height but incredibly is still almost able to touch the floor.

When the snake was pulled out, it was still alive as it could visibly be seen slithering around in the claw (and perhaps is wondering what’s going on).

Of course, the sheer size of the creature shocked an onlooker who couldn’t quite believe what was unfolding in front of his eyes and can be heard saying “my mother, what.”

t seems workers made this huge discovery while clearing part of the Dominica rainforest.


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