As darkness descended in Melbourne, Australia, a young brushtail possum clung to a cold metal pole, unsure of what to do next. His mother was nowhere in sight, and the little possum was frozen in fear near a supermarket dumpster.

But he didn’t have to feel lonely for long — trained animal rescuers from Warriors 4 Wildlife were on their way.

“Unfortunately, it is normal to encounter possums displaced in all kinds of situations,” a representative from Warriors 4 Wildlife told The Dodo.

Hopeful that they might be able to reunite the possum with his mother, rescuers nestled him in a cloth pouch that they hung close by. Rescuers often use pouches as a way to make baby possums feel safer, as if they’re being held by their mother.

After two nights of waiting, rescuers came to the difficult conclusion that this possum’s mother wasn’t coming back. As they figured out where to take him, they became acquainted with his sweet personality.

“He was particularly cheeky, and very quirky, enjoying eating his food upside down,” the Warriors 4 Wildlife representative said.

The rescuers took the possum to a wildlife care center with everything he needed to recuperate.

After about two months of rehabilitation, the possum will be released. Thanks to the empathetic people who took the time to help him, this possum will return to his natural habitat, ready to thrive.

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