Hey there folks! If you have a pet of your own, you know how scary it can be thinking your little one is sick or hurt. In that moment, nothing matters except the well-being of your doggo, cateroo, hampster, chicken, goldfish, etc. So it makes sense for people to drop everything and head on over to the emergency vet clinic that’s open to investigate the matter. The owner and parent of Cheescake had a similar situation after noticing that her smol kitten Cheescake’s tummy was pertruding. In fear that it might be a medical issue, she took her little Cheescake to the vet where all sorts of tests and checks were done.

And it turned out that…Cheescake is just fat. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with a little extra junk in the trunk. This situation was so silly that it inspired thousands of reactions on facebook and on Reddit. Users poured in from near, far, east and west to offer their own silly comments regarding Cheescake being ‘just fat.’ Check ’em out! 

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