Bunny the cat and a blind dog named Tye were joined at the hip, according to the animals’ owner, Erica Kutzing.

The animal caretaker who works at a rescue hospice in New York recently talked to reporters about her fur babies: “I adopted them both within months of each other so they spent every single day of their lives together.”

Bunny was more than Tye’s buddy – she also was his guide, helping the pooch, who was born without sight, adjust to his new home. The two animals developed a unique bond.

“Bunny loved to give Tye massages and sometimes would walk in front of him to guide him throughout the house,” Erica told Newsweek.

But after a few wonderful years, Tye got sick, and it became clear that he wasn’t going to pull through.

Erica didn’t want Tye to just disappear from Bunny’s life without warning, so she brought her dying dog home for a final farewell.

“I had to let her say goodbye.” Erica explained, “I needed her to know what was happening.”

She filmed the heartbreaking moment and posted the video to TikTok in August. In the clip, Bunny runs up to Tye and jumps on the couch with him. The cat then seems to grasp the situation and gives her canine companion more than a few nuzzles on the head.

Over five million TikTok users have seen the clip, and the comments are filled with sympathy notes.

Tye passed a few months ago, but Erica and Bunny are mourning. Erica said, “I still can’t believe he’s gone. I’m hoping over time I’ll heal but I’ll always miss my best friend.”

She’s not the only one grieving: “Bunny didn’t come into the living room for a while after he passed. You could tell that she couldn’t bear to go in there.”


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