Can you imagine waking up, sauntering downstairs to make yourself some breakfast when you notice a monster alligator just chilling in the kitchen?

Forget about the coffee, I think that’ll scare you awake for the day.

A woman living in Clearwater, Florida, had this exact experience a few years back, finding an 11ft gator had come through a low window near her kitchen in the middle of the night.

She then had one of the most memorable 911 calls that operator will ever have.

“I have a giant alligator who is sitting in my kitchen, a huge one… I don’t know how it got here, but it’s here.”

Authorities were eventually able to get him out of the house, albeit after a good fight that knocked over a wine cabinet, sending bits of glass and red wine everywhere.

What a terrifying moment.

Just another day in Florida, I guess…

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