A TikTok user shared a video of the fox getting “way too comfy” in her bed after the “surprise visitor” snuck into her London home unnoticed while the door was open

A confident fox made itself ‘way too comfortable’ on a woman’s bed in a ‘scary’ visit to her home.

The urban spectacle of the animals meandering around residential areas in London has become fairly common.

But it’s much more rare to find a fox has made itself at home on your bed.

This became the reality when one woman came home to find the wild animal had bedded down right where she sleeps.

MyLondon reports TikTok user @markc0rrigan (named Holly) shared the video of the fox getting ‘way too comfortable’ in her London home.

It started began with a walkthrough from the kitchen with the caption: “I had a surprise visitor this morning.”‘Holly’ thought the fox was looking a tad too comfortable as it nestled on top of her bed (

As she entered the bedroom the fox barely moved or flinched as it lay on the bed and made itself comfortable.

Holly captioned the TikTok video: “Foxes in London be getting way too comfortable,” and accompanied the video with the track ‘Billie Eilish’ by Armani White.

Just like the song says, the fox looked ‘stylish’ as it made its way into Holly’s home and seemed to refuse to move from the bed it had made home.

Replying to another TikTok user Holly said the experience was ‘scary’ as the ‘bold’ fox had snuck into her home as she let her cat out.

She wrote: “She was v cute but the whole thing was so scary!!! She snuck in the back door which was open for 5 mins to let the cat out… so bold.”

The video gathered more than 72,000 likes on the social media site and many found the thought of the fox in the house ‘adorable’ while others struggled to imagine what they would do in the situation.

One wrote: “Urban foxes in the UK are legit domesticating themselves according to research, this just solidifies the hypothesis.”

Another added: “I can’t begin to explain how hard it is watching other people living my dream.”

While a third was concerned for the cleanliness of the house visitor, they wrote: “They’re so cute but they carry some nasty stuff on them. Wash your linens first chance you get!”

Some users were curious as to how Holly managed to get rid of her new friend and she enlightened them.

She said: “We read they don’t like loud noises so we lightly banged a pot and used a broom to kind of coax her out. She was only a baby so felt terrible”.


@markc0rrigan Foxes in london be getting way too comfortable #fox #london #londonfoxes ♬ BILLIE EILISH. – Armani White

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