Stephanie Jimenez, from the Philippines, has been using a fake Australian accent to get her cousin’s dog to listen to her – the puzzled pooch doesn’t understand her natural accent.

While dogs can’t understand our language, they can interpret the tone of our voice. Many owners use deeper voices when disciplining their pets, and high-pitched tones when making a fuss over them. But one woman has been forced to change her accent altogether when speaking to her cousin’s dog because it simply doesn’t understand her otherwise.

Stephanie Jimenez, from the Philippines, was staying with her cousin in Australia when she decided to help out with some of the daily chores. She took their maltipoo cross out for a walk – but quickly realized the language barrier between them. In a TikTok video, Stephanie is heard telling the dog, named Chanel, to move on during their walk in her natural accent.

Chanel completely ignores her until she tries saying the same thing in an Australian accent. As soon as she hears it, she jumps right into action and continues on their walk.

Stephanie told the Mirror: “My accent is closer to having an American accent rather than an Australian one.

“It just so happens that there are times when she can’t understand what I’m saying since I don’t have an Australian accent.”

Her video, which has been viewed more than 4.1 million times, has racked in about 870,000 likes and 3,600 comments, with users sharing their love for Chanel.

One user said: “This made my day. She is really an Aussie dog.”

Another user added: “I need to know if Chanel only responds to ‘nauuurrr’ instead of ‘no’. We need a part two please.”

A third user said: “Let’s gaurrrrrr.”

While they still have their moments, Stephanie believes Chanel is slowly picking up her natural accent now she has heard it a few more times.

@stefnjmnz pls she didn’t understand me at first 😭💀 #fyp #australia #aussie #australianaccent #dog #naur #sydney ♬ original sound – Stef

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