Snakes aren’t generally considered the most cuddly creatures in the world, but one man is trying to show their softer side. Jay Brewer is a snake breeder and zookeeper in California, who holds a deep affection and appreciation for the slithery reptiles. In videos posted on his Instagram account, Brewer handles the snakes with ease and even, in one video that has gone viral, gives a reticulated python a hug. “After years of breeding reticulated pythons, they are tamed and make amazing friends,” he says. 

Brewer is the owner of pet store Prehistoric Pets. In the video, he is showing off the python and its beautiful coloring, which he likens to a rainbow. He also explains that the snake is genetically bred to be docile. “Omg that is just gorgeous 😍you certainly have some incredible snakes,” says a commenter. “What are they like to handle. I watched a show about pythons and they were saying they are very aggressive but I love them so much 🤩🤩”


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